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meet our team


ALL of our trainers are credentialed by the top certifying bodies in their profession, specializing in various subdivisions of fitness, including weight loss, athletic training, sports nutrition, disease prevention, special populations, childhood and teenage fitness, and much more.

Jim White Jim White, ACSM Health Fitness Instructor, Registered Dietitian, ADA National Spokesman, Owner
Jim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Youngstown University in Ohio with a B.A. in Nutrition. He is credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a Registered Dietitian and certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health Fitness Instructor. Jim is currently the National spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and has the reputation of being one of the top health professionals in the area. His clientele includes all walks of life—athletes, actors, models, business owners, elders and teens. Jim and his team have helped hundreds lose thousands!
More information about Jim can be found on his personal website: JimWhiteFitExpert.com
Chris Baggett Chris Baggett, General Manager, ACE CPT, ACE Lifestyle, Weight Management Certified
Chris has been affiliated with the fitness industry for many years. In his senior year of high school, he was a gym assistant and played various sports. After high school, Chris competed in two local bodybuilding competitions through the NASF. Through training for bodybuilding competitions, Chris realized that he wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Chris is ACE-certified and is excited to help people of various fitness levels reach their fitness goals.
Jeremy Moore Jeremy Moore, Great Neck Studio Manager, ACE CPT
Jeremy has been affiliated with the fitness industry for over 5 years. He is eager to share his knowledge and experience with clients to help them reach their goals and feel good about their body. He is enthusiastic about helping others achieve results and leads a healthy lifestyle, serving as a positive role model for his clients.
Jacob Leonard Jacob Leonard, Hilltop Studio Manager, ACE CPT
Jacob is an ACE-certified personal trainer and studied Exercise Science at Old Dominion University. Fitness is not just a hobby for him—it's a lifestyle. He helps clients get toned, gain muscle mass, or train for a particular event. Jacob helps clients set reachable goals, both long term and short term, and then creates individualized workout plans. His training consists of periodization training, breakdown training, and plyometric training while increasing balance, flexibility, and stability. He believes working out is called working out for a reason—it's hard work—but he aims to make it a fun and enjoyable process!
Patty Cook Patty Cook, ACE CPT
Patty, a mother of two, graduated from Old Dominion University and has been involved in fitness ever since. An ACE-certified Personal Trainer, Patty is currently working on receiving her certification in Healthy Lifestyle and Weight Management. Her expertise is self-evident and translates well into goal-oriented programs developed for your personal success. Patty will incorporate your needs into a specific course of action designed to personally manage your evolution to optimal fitness.
Carter Jones Carter Jones, ACE CPT, Certified in Biokinesiology, Certified Fit Quest/ActivTrax Trainer
Carter's interest in health and fitness began when he was a teenager. He worked in the field through college and it became his career. After a life-threatening illness—and after medical providers told him his own workout regimen may have saved his life—he is more committed than ever to being a strong and exciting catalyst in promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle in anyone, no matter their age or condition.
Jared Harding Jared Harding, ACSM, CPT
Jared is an ACSM- certified personal trainer and studied Exercise Science at Old Dominion University. He has been involved in fitness and sports for most of his life, playing and training for baseball for 16 years. Jared gained an interest in the exercise science and health industry after finding an exercise and diet plan that helped him lose 40 pounds over a five month period. Jared is thrilled to be a part of the JWFNS team and continue his great desire to help anyone wishing to improve their own fitness and nutrition lifestyle.
Taylor Barbour Taylor Barbour, ACE Certified, CPT
Taylor is an ACE certified personal trainer born and raised in Virginia Beach. She attended Old Dominion University and studied Sports Management. Taylor has always been into fitness and sports, playing basketball since the age of 5. She believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle and can be fun and enjoyable. Taylor loves going to the beach in her free time and enjoys playing games and watching sports. She is eager to start helping people change their lives.
Bryan Tarvin Bryan Tarvin, ACSM, CPT
Bryan has 5 years of experience as an ACSM certified personal trainer. He attended Old Dominion University where he received his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. Bryan has martial arts background; he is a black belt in Judo and is an Assistant Instructor in Self Defense at Old Dominion University. Bryan’s passion for core strength and function, blended with his training methods will lead to a successful new you!
Eric Fretz, ACE, CPT Eric Fretz, ACE, CPT
Eric is an ACE-certified personal trainer and has always been involved in some type of physical activity with experience ranging from martial arts and a wide variety of athletics. He is currently attending Old Dominion University studying Criminal Justice and working to complete a minor in Exercise Science. Through his experience and studies he has gained an expertise in distinct forms of athletic training as well as general fitness. He believes that exercise is not only good for the body but also the mind and is essential to obtaining a well-rounded lifestyle. Eric believes in a hands-on personal training approach that leads to positive communication in an energetic and open environment to simultaneously complete goals and have fun!
Andrew Ballowe, CSCS, ACE CPT Abbey Wexel, ACSM, CPT
Abbey is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer from Virginia Beach, VA. She has been an athlete most of her life, participating in swimming, gymnastics, and tennis growing up. Abbey eventually went on to play volleyball for the University at Albany, where she became very interested in fitness. Her instant passion for fitness has developed into a desire to help others become healthier, happier, and more physically fit.
Sue Cox Sue Maume, DTR, ACE CPT, Nutrition Department Manager
Sue is a graduate of the TCC Diet Tech Program, has been registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 13 years, certified in Adult Weight Management and is a member of the Tidewater Dietetic Association. A healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and exercise has been a part of her life for many years. Her experience working in clinical nutrition at a hospital enabled Sue to understand the importance of good nutrition for weight management and improving one's health. Sue is committed to help people achieve their health and fitness goals through nutrition education and counseling. She will work individually with you to create a healthy eating plan that will work with your lifestyle.
Johnny Cresswell Johnny Cresswell, NASM CPT
Johnny is an NASM certified personal trainer who has been involved in fitness and athletics for two decades. He wrestled at Great Bridge High where he won a state championship and achieved All-American status. He also learned various martial arts styles since childhood. Johnny recognizes what fitness has done for his life. Fitness is about the journey, not just the destination. He is passionate about helping others reach their peak physically, mentally, and emotionally through proper lifestyle changes.


Gerrie McLaughlin Gerrie McLaughlin, Accounts Manager, Human Resources
Gerrie is the backbone to the JWFNS brand. She is the mother of 4 boys. And if that does not keep her busy enough, she is also a coach for a local competitive cheerleading squad. She believes that food is a healer and lives a life of balancing healthy eating with exercising while enjoying the sweeter tastes of life in moderation.
Alanna Rayner Alanna Rayner, Office Assistant
Alanna was alway interested in fitness. From softball to cheer leading, she has participated in sports since she was young. In her free time she enjoys doing a challenging kettle bell workout and dancing to Zumba with friends and family. Looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, she looks forward to learning more about the fitness industry here at JWFNS.
Krista White Krista White, Marketing Specialist | Client Care Coordinator
Krista has been fascinated with health and fitness ever since she was a child. Her position at JWFNS has helped her fulfill her passion for helping others. She continues to broaden her knowledge in the fitness and nutrition industry and feels fortunate to be a part of the JWFNS Team, helping others live happier, more energetic and satisfying lives.
Amani Holloman Amani Holloman, Office Assistant
Amani was born and raised in Virginia Beach and graduated from Maury High School. As a younger child, she gained a love for nature and enjoys all outside activities such as bike riding, swimming, and hiking. In her free time she likes to spend time with friends, family, and her puppy, Bella. She's excited to see what she can learn about staying fit during her time at Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios!